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Sep. 28th, 2008

Character Name: Anteros
Pantheon: Greek
Parentage: Ares and Aphrodite
Patronage: Requited love, also is the avenger of unrequited love
Residence: Anteros hasn’t lived on Olympus for a very long time. He tends to be a wanderer, never staying one place too long. Currently he has a condo in Orange County California.
Personality: Anteros tends to think of himself as the love avenger. He’s focused much of his time and energy on that aspect of his patronage, ignoring the other. It’s almost as if he takes the rejection of love personally.

Anteros, while being an erote, takes after his father, Ares, mainly in temperament. He is the bad boy erote—more likely to get into a fight, than play nice. He takes great pride in crafting his punishments. Anteros plots revenge for a crushed spirit much like Ares designs battle plans. What is the pain of a broken bone as opposed to a broken heart?

While Anteros can be quite ruthless in the sentences he doles out, he sees himself as more of a protector. The ones whose love or crushes are scorned were usually those who were smaller, poorer, not as attractive, or different. Anteros sees avenging these people as a way of taking on a bully.

He knows that all crushes are not reciprocated. Love can be blind after all. Those who scorn the love offered by another are the ones that deserve his divine punishment. Anteros is not overly cruel though; his vengeance is related to the crime. The star quarterback may have an uncharacteristically bad game or break a bone. The popular cheerleader could develop a zit or have a freak accident resulting in a black eye or missing tooth.

Anteros is a man of extremes. He doesn’t do anything halfway. When he goes out drinking, it’s not just a drink or two. It is the same with working out. He’s not content to go and lift weights for an hour. He’ll spend hours at the gym, hitting the heavy bag, working himself until exhaustion.

Family and friends could never decide if they should describe Anteros as fearless or reckless. He’s gotten into many altercations. The size of his opponent doesn’t matter; he will never back down from a fight. Win or lose, he’ll have thrown himself wholeheartedly into the fray.

Anteros loves his family even though he tends to avoid Olympus. All they need to do is call for him and he’ll come a running. If anyone hurts his family, they’ll have Anteros to answer to.

History: Anteros is the son of Aphrodite and Ares. He was given to Eros as a playmate because Eros was lonely. The reasoning for the action was that love must be returned to prosper. He is one of the winged erotes. His brothers include Eros and Hedylogos.

Rumor has it that as a young godling, Anteros had a crush on a nymph. Supposedly the nymph laughed in his face once she found out about his feelings. Nursing a broken heart, the young Anteros started down the path of avenging unrequited love. It is unknown if the story is true, but it would explain a lot of things.

The mortal world held a lot more opportunities for being a love avenger so Anteros began spending more and more time away from Olympus. Eventually he made his home among the mortal realm returning to Olympus only for visits.

The scorning of love offered by another happens everywhere, among all ages. Anteros only cares about avenging the victim. He may not be able to make things right, but he can punish those who committed the offense.

Anteros found that teenagers tend to be the cruelest. Many of them, usually the jocks and cheerleaders, take advantage of crushes by those they consider beneath them. It’s more than enough to keep Anteros occupied. When dealing with teens he spends the bulk of his time around schools, sometimes as a teacher or a counselor.

Anteros finds politicians almost as bad as the teens. His time in Washington, DC left him drained. He did leave a trail of scandals and probes in his wake for those who got on the wrong side of the love avenger.

Avenging scorned love takes it’s toll on Anteros. He seldom stays any place for longer than a year or two. By that time, he needs to move on and recharge. His favorite methods of revitalizing are boxing and sex. Unfortunately those two methods aren’t working as well as they used to.

Plot: Anteros is feeling a bit burned out and has returned to Olympus to recharge.
Played-By: Colin Farrell
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